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Your Tour Guides

Jeff Bahls

Jeff put out his first bird house when he was about 7 years old. He has 40 years experience with the Horicon Marsh where he works part time for the Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources.

Jack Bartholmai

Jack’s passion is photographing wildlife in and around Dodge County with special interest in the birds. Jack spent more than a decade doing frog and Woodcock surveys for the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge.

Holly Bartholmai

Holly became interested in birding when she and Jack moved to 22 acres of varied habitat in rural Beaver Dam – a place they call Hickory Springs – and began feeding the birds in their yard.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper

Dr.Sheldon Cooper is a professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, where he has worked since 2001.

Marty Evanson

Marty has been interested in bird watching since the early 1980s. He has participated in various bird surveys throughout Wisconsin since the early 1990’s.

Peter Fissel

Peter is one of the moderators of Wisbirdn a list-serve for Wisconsin birding. He is also a longtime field trip leader for Madison Audubon.

Jerry Genzmer

Born and raised in Horicon. The marsh was a big part of Jerry’s childhood which made him a natural when he joined Horicon Marsh Boat Tours as a guide in 1986.

Tim Hahn

Tim is the Vice President of the Benjamin E. Goss bird club. Mr Hahn also is the breeding Bird Atlas coordinator for Waukesha and Marinette counties.

Liz Herzmann

Liz Herzmann is a Wildlife Educator for the Department of Natural Resources at the Horicon Marsh Education and Visitor Center.

Matt Herzmann

Matt picked up a passion for bird watching shortly after he and his wife moved to the Horicon Marsh area in 2009. He participates in the informal Wisconsin Big Green Big Year (BIGBY) competition and has a BIGBY life list of 215 species.

Jon Krapfl

USFWS biologist working at Horicon NWR where he assists in the conservation, protection, restoration, and enhancement of wildlife and rare/endangered plant habitats.

Dick Nikolai

Dick is one of the founding members of the Bluebird Restoration of Wisconsin (BRAW) and a Board Member of the Wisconsin Purple Martin Association.

Erin Railsback

Erin works for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as a Visitor Services Specialist at Horicon National Wildlife Refuge.

Greg Seegert

Greg birds extensively and typically sees 550-600 birds in the ABA area each year, Greg has an ABA life list of over 700 birds in North America.

Daryl Tessen

Member of Wisconsin Society of Ornithology for over 50 years where he was past president. 24 years Western Great Lakes regional editor for North American Birds.

Joel Trick

Joel worked as a Biologist for USFWS for 27 years (retired) all of it in Wisconsin. He worked with Whooping Cranes, Piping Plovers and Kirtlands warbler.

Renee Wahlen

Renee is the director at Marsh Haven Nature Center and is responsible for programming, educational opportunities, and management of the facility.

Sarah Warner

Sarah works in the Madison WI Ecological Services Field Office for the US Fish and Wildlife service and is involved with multiple projects across the Midwest.

Brad Webb

Brad is a founding member and tour leader of a group scheduling bird walks in Dodge and Jefferson Counties.

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Header Photo: Dave Hoefler