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2024 Horicon Marsh Bird festival.

May 10-13th 2024

Registration is now open

We hope you find this year’s festival as enjoyable as past years. Thank you all for your patience and understanding during the last couple of years. There is no trip limit this year. Bring on the birds! 

For questions contact 920-210-9054 or

For information about the Horicon Marsh Boat Tours please call 920-643-7072. Or visit


Photos: Thomas O’Malley

Horicon Marsh Bird Club invites birders of all skill levels – as well as anyone who enjoys the great outdoors – to the 27th Annual Horicon Marsh Bird Festival (May 10-13, 2024). This weekend-long event provides family-friendly activities and educational experiences designed to showcase Horicon Marsh’s role as an important habitat for birds and wildlife.

Highlights of this year’s Bird Festival NEW trips to Old Marsh Road, night sounds, paddling and birding, LIVE birds of prey, smaller more intimate guided tours, and so much more!

See our schedule of events.

Horicon Marsh

This vast wetland is both a State Wildlife Area and a National Wildlife Refuge. Originally established as habitat for migrating and nesting ducks, it has since become a stopover for Canada Geese.

Today, Horicon Marsh is increasingly recognized and managed as a wetland ecosystem for all of its plants and animals. Horicon Marsh has been designated as a Wetland of International Importance by the Ramsar Convention and a Global Important Bird Area by the American Bird Conservancy. No group of wildlife better represents the vitality of this marsh better than its birds. Over the years, a total of 304 species of birds have been sighted on this marsh.

If you’re a birder or a naturalist or just someone who enjoys the beauty of nature we encourage you to come visit Horicon Marsh. The Horicon Marsh Bird Festival will focus on introducing visitors to many of these birds at the peak of the spring migration. Please go to the following link and read more about the festival in a story that appears in the Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine.

So pack up your binoculars and join us!

Copy of Festival Big Sit Totals 2017