Bird Banding Demonstration

  • Saturday, May 9, 2020, 6:30am–11:00am
  • Free Event

Join UW-Oshkosh professor, Sheldon Cooper, to see our migrating songbirds close up and in the hand as they are captured, banded and released for study. Enjoy warblers, catbirds, sparrows and more! This is a public demonstration where visitors will be able to see how and why bird banding is conducted. It also provides one of the best opportunities to observe these amazing migrants up close.

Dr. Cooper’s interests are in thermoregulation and ecological energetics of songbirds, particularly chickadees and titmice. He has published many articles related to physiological changes in nonmigratory songbirds that are important for overwinter survival. Dr. Cooper served as the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology Research Chair from 2006-2009.

Meet at the Palmatory Street Overlook, North Palmatory St. in Horicon.