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Amazing Migration–Tundra Swans on the Mississippi

Thursday, October 16, 2014 – Thursday, October 16, 2014

N7725 Highway 28

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One of the wonderful birding opportunities that exist in our area is that of seeing the amazing number of waterfowl on the Mississippi River during the annual migration of Tundra Swans. This migration is one of the world’s great migrations, and it’s practically in our backyard. In an area of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife & Fish Refuge between Prairie Du Chien and La Crosse, thousands of the birds make a

stopover on their way from the arctic to the Atlantic Coast. The swans are not alone here. Besides the swans, thousand of geese and ducks of many species including Hooded Mergansers and American Coots can be found in the same area at the same time. One is not limited to just seeing waterfowl along the river, as songbirds, woodpeckers and other species follow the waterway on their migration and can be seen in the adjacent wooded hills. Bald Eagles are everywhere you look. The area is famous for Bald Eagles at this time of year. We will be exploring this area and its bird life during the next meeting of the Horicon Marsh Bird Club in a program presented by HBMC Vice-President Brad Webb. The meeting will be held at the Horicon Education Center on hwy. 28, and begins at 7p.m.

Brad Webb is a long time birder and bird photographer who usually birds with his partner and wife Royan. Besides being the Vice-President of the Horicon Marsh Bird Club, Brad is involved in many birding related activities in the area. These include coordinating the Oconomowoc Christmas Bird Count and May Bird Count; founding member of the Jefferson / Dodge County Bird walk group; a bird walk leader for the Madison Audubon Society; bird survey volunteer for the Faville Grove Sanctuary and for Zeloski Marsh; member of the “Finch Gang” team in the Great Wisconsin Birdathon; and “Bird of the Month” columnist for the newsletter “Lake Mills Online”. Besides the “outside birds” Brad’s family includes two cockatoos and a small flock of Lovebirds, who keep him occupied when he isn’t out in the field.

You do not need to be a member of the Horicon Marsh Bird Club to join us for monthly meetings, presentations or field trips. All are welcome!

Please use the south entrance to the building.