The Big Sit at the Festival

  • Saturday, May 13, 2017, 4:00am–6:30pm
  • Free Event

Join Horicon Marsh Bird Club members for a unique way to bird watch!

From 4 AM to 6:30 PM we will identify as many bird species as possible from a 17-foot circle on the Observation Deck at the Palmatory Street Overlook. Come and join us for all or part of this annual event as we try to ID every bird seen and or heard from this location.

The Observation Deck has great views of the cattail marsh, open water, grassland, shrubbery and trees and give this location a high mark for species potential. We will have the species ID list posted and are looking for all the help that we can get into the 17 ft. circle. We've averaged 79 bird species during previous Big Sits and have a total species list of 112 from this Observation Deck over the last 4 Festivals. Feel free to check-in throughout the day to see where our count stands.

This year will be a green birding challenge: Big Sit vs Bigby Bikers. Which group will get the most species of birds?

Donations are greatly appreciated; as this is our main funding source for Club projects and the fun and educational Bird Festival. There will be a donation box located on the observation deck during the Big Sit. Donations can also be made on our website.

So we thank you in advance for your donation. Your generosity will go a long ways in helping support our Bird Feeding/Landscaping Complex project slated for the newly remodeled Horicon Marsh International Education Center. We are hoping to provide both outdoor and indoor bird observations into this area. So come join us at the Big Sit and who knows, you might be able to add a bird species or two to our list of birds.

Please note: All or parts of the event will be canceled if there is bad weather.